Insurance Claims Training for Insurance Companies

Insurance Claims Training for Insurance Companies

Training for personnel of Insurance Companies

Training is an essential and Yolk of every industry and the same applies to the Insurance sector too. The needs of customers are changing and the nature of the financial/risk products are changing at a pace unseen before. Hence the personnel need to be trained according to the requirements of the Industry. We offer the following types of training for existing employees:

Training in Underwriting:

The training will focus on the principles of Insurance, condition interpretation, condition understanding, knowledge of exclusions , understanding the proposal form and proper interpretation of the same and attaching the correct endorsements.

Training in Claims:

The training will focus on Principles of Insurance, Documents required, psychology of customer, preparation of claim note etc.

Training in Marketing:

The training will teach the techniques of marketing, sourcing business, cold canvassing, after sales service, marketing psychology, customer psychology, right talking, do’s and don’ts and skill development. Also integrity and attachment training will be provided.

Recruitment and Training:

Since the service sector is always in need of the right talent, we would be able to shortlist and recruit personnel according to the needs of the Company. Also the basic training can be conducted by us.
The fees for the above said training can be discussed personally with regard to number of hours, specializations etc.