Insurance Claims Outsourcing

Insurance Claims Outsourcing

Claims Outsourcing:

With the arrival of a number of Insurance Companies there would be a need to outsource certain activities like claims settlements to outside sources with certain financial limits.
Also, the Insurance Companies may not have representation all over India and may outsource claims activities in certain areas where they are not represented.
Insurance Companies may require purely claim paper collection centers in certain pockets.
In the above said cases we would be in a position to handle such outsourcing activities. Remuneration can be fixed on the value of the claim.

Internal Audit Outsourcing:

There could be a need for internal audit to be conducted by Insurance professionals. In such cases we would be in a position to take up such outsourcing work.

Recruitment and Training:

We are in a position to recruit and train candidates for the Insurance Companies, as per their requirement. We have a good and experienced faculty which will take care of the same.